Untrodden Ones

Untouched and untold is always veiled .What remains of them is simply a mystery?There are some who advertise even the smallest work and it simply becomes an overstatement who could see it happening.But there many who work tirelessly but their voices either are feeble, stuttering for they donot believe in publicity.I feel sorry for those who are lost amidst the hassles and pompous.How I only wish to see the bosses to observe the real depth of the  work not to the singsong,hilarious ones who can clean the linen with all his or her calibre..

The untold remains a mystery for the adventure to undertake would be  daunting task for any employee.


social tussle!Intrusion of women in male circumference

Much deliberated and researched over is Gender In equity.it is very much evident in  any societal phenomenon that woman are always subject to controversy if becomes the oddity of challenging the male power and authority.Woman, whose existence has even been a big question mark even in any religion , how can the taboo as projected come out of this grip.The whole society since inception  circulates with male at the center of all.With few centuries, the voices of women is heard in its periphery. If.If analysed with famous critics point of view, Jacques Derrida too felt the base of structuralism rest on man in the pivot.There were times where many feminist like Elaine Showalter(feminist critics) voiced much ago in this issue.

What is so interesting about is that woen now has slowly started getting into the culture breaking all the circumference of maleness in the society.yet it is skeptical as the very mindset of the soceity seems blur in welcoming woemn to be at par with in men world.It is so much twined that it might take next few more decade even to intrude into the mainstream. What.What is so ironical is that , world wants women to come out yet  are never freed from their primary responsibility of being the caretaker of the house .it is claimed that despite many call for woman still, the response is very poor.This is where the issue lies.woman is given identity, her stand only lately and how can we expect change over night.Now many women are coming forefront but is crippled by the mindset “Frailty, thy name is woman”(William Shakespeare).

while mindset handicaps,women have not failed to walk equally with the man if not run, in the society.so the push and pull tension still rest, what is important here is that we need to encourage  women of the world to make a move …

Virtual Images

God had created this beautiful world for the sentient being,enveloped with pristine,beauty,vitality and many more qualities.And above all is the most soul touching creation that is, human.with the wheel of time,compound changes has overcome this pristine being with fast-moving developement.What remained as pure , clear are now only the virtual image.

The new veil that is worn by the world is a serpent with its venomous fangs ready to pollute the soul.Double standard, double-face are taken as a stepping stone for sucess and our country too is gripped with its scuttling claws.so the question still holds on the same ground, where are we?Do we carry the same virtual image of the flawless creation of the god?I feel torn apart only to see the naked world which is flung with evils.

Humans have forgotten who they are.

A stealing moment in a staffroom

A stealing moments in a staff-room with colleague is always better than savouring hamburgers and crispy french fries.The flavors and the appetizers click when at times in between the correction, each picks up a topic and goes on length to discuss about it.The talk that cut sharp my attention is solely history for it is not merely the study of past but a lesson to learn.We truly enjoyed every bits of conversation related to history .I derive a sense of satisfaction when   heads of similar ideas click together to bring encapsulate the whole cosmos.

History is always the mirror of the events of the humanity.What surrounds it s subject are human acts and implication.implication one cannot displace events of the past but certainly carries the the sole power to displace time and space.I was then already overwhelmed by the very thought on the miracles of language.The only sound that kept on refrigerating in my mind was WOW!commendable quality of language!

Our globe has seen various phases of history each mirroring the time.so why cant we appreciate and study history to save the world.such is the hold of history,so let’s learn and change our mindset from a boring subject to dynamic one.

Well..isn’t teachers talk qualifying the humaneness!

The unsung Hero of Bhutan…

I am sure there are thousands who have left  immortal footprints of their contribution whcn, many a times remains clouded in mists of life. Who doesn’t remember the only hero who travel led east to west and north to south meeting the lowest common peasants , giving hopes to uplift the per capita income of the nation.Such a glory do exists in Bhutan, he is no other but ex Lyonpo sangay Ngedup-the real vitality of farmer. To materialize the vision of Hisa Majesty, if Bhutan  can have such a person of the  highest integrity and caliber, I see our country already flaunting with values and economy. Wherever he stepped in, be it a agriculture sector or health and education,major reforms were seen.When world applauded for such a feat, isn’t it a  need for a call for everyone to recognize and appreciate?

very sadly, gripped with political turmoil, the very essence of his achievement is engulfed and nullified.I really admire his effort to revitalize Bhutan.Let us collectively remember the unsung hero of our nation.

ladies talk please!

Let me lighten you with a light snack of my write up that brings all smiles in me.I am sure everyone of us are aware of ladies talk.This is the forbidden fruit of gossip for all those wonderful ladies in this cosmos.The giggle,laughter and shh……men around beware! Have you ever realized why even the busiest men would  be inclined to see ladies gossiping.What not flavors and spices one could like  to enjoy, is always there in ladies talk.Surprisingly, the magnetic attraction of these spices of life can be savored if ladies are around.,very true is the word that like poles repel.I just love and celebrate being woman and definitely to be a part of ladies talk. At times, I could note a few men being  pretentious before the group yet at the back of the mind definitely he would be longing to be  the part of entertain party. I am not saying men don’t enjoy but none can stand at par with ladies talk.I t simply is glamorous. So guys! if you are part of it, enjoy!

Sexual Education and parent’s back seat…the growing ironic trend.

Sexual education always taken a back seat among the parents. When a teacher can educate, why do our parents of developing nations fail to understand the value of sexual education?Time has wheeled to modernization but only for  the outlook and the way one conducts. We still remain crude with our thought.lifestyle has manifested to some of the worst hit activity especially  among youth. Those were times when we fear to tread or talk abut sex,now with sweeping changes of urbanization,the package is coated with perks as well as filth.For instance a teenage girl finds it easy to fill the pockets by merely sharing flesh.It might sound crude but  such is gripping  every urban arena.she may not find painful to share a bed for few thousand but on the other hand ironically the same girl would refuse to do manual work in public.I just wonder when teenagers are washing their linen , are we as parents doing enough for our children?where is that pristine and valued existence of  parent.the crux of the matter is why are our parents shying off from their duty?with time, a youth steps onto the bubbly state of experience, it is the parent who should show the path.Sexual education is must as sex nowadays is merely reducing to physical and commercialized lucrative incentive.so parents lets make an effort to mainstream our youth to a knowledge based society with substance not shallow  that  could be easily engulfed by any whims and fancies of urbanization!

The most versatile creation of the god-woman

Much debated and subject to controversy is always a women.But why such debate…women from ie the versatility very existence as daughter has taken the share of grooming the family till a point twists whereby she marries another partner .The journey still continues to bring up a family along with all smiles.Society from its earliest time has its rein centred to man.when a women tries coming closer to shoulder even to the periphery of manly world, it is taken as threat, reducing to pointing fingers at her character, mindset. This the concurrent phenomena where social factors like culture and tradition too leaves no stone unturned to rip the slight effort of women.A very sly question that arises in the society ……”when we give so much of opportunity, why isn’t women coming forward”

Here we are truly forgetting the gravity of the matter.Man has taken the hold since the inception and now with few crumbs of decade in hand ,how can you expect an overnight change.It reminds me of the feminist Elaine sholwalter  when talked about it.The taboo itself is the disease that is rooted in our mindset.Much needs to be done to bring the change and has to evolve.

I truly salute the versatility of womanhood where nests the warmth, vitality and emotion of the mother earth.

Do we see halo in teachers?

Teachers walks and talks of wisdom.Be it of a small country like ours or else of giants.Teachers are all alike.Professionalism and  integrity is what surrounds them.They may be economically downsized as redeemed by their profession yet holds the highest level of wisdom.Lesson plan, easement tools, research and innovation are part and parcel of lice.If god has streamlined our thoughts then it is teachers who groom those positivity of life. But a question do arise in my mind…why pen is loosing its might in this century at par with power of weapon.I simply adore those miracles that teachers perform from the foundation of making students literate to educated. Isn’t that  a miracle? but then again , why our thoughts have not globalised to esteem our teachers. I am an insights of a teacher.Thought do intervene me questioning do we make an attempt to see the halo our teachers carry?

An electronic surge of life-media

Media has taken leaps and bounds in globalisation of thoughts to communicate.What a sweeping wave of change!Spice it up that is what almost everyone follow in life to be more on a thoughtful mode, media has not only enveloped the creeping, racing minds of individual of developed nation but even to a small developing nation like Bhutan.A walk to a roadside gives a glimpse of small hand dangling with  electronic gadgets with all smiles.Is that what we look at? Definitely if that can bring happiness then we are ready for it.I LOVED ITS  Advantage The magic is it has displaced time and place collecting and taking into its arm.Blessed is what I see the world as with media.