Do we see halo in teachers?

Teachers walks and talks of wisdom.Be it of a small country like ours or else of giants.Teachers are all alike.Professionalism and  integrity is what surrounds them.They may be economically downsized as redeemed by their profession yet holds the highest level of wisdom.Lesson plan, easement tools, research and innovation are part and parcel of lice.If god has streamlined our thoughts then it is teachers who groom those positivity of life. But a question do arise in my mind…why pen is loosing its might in this century at par with power of weapon.I simply adore those miracles that teachers perform from the foundation of making students literate to educated. Isn’t that  a miracle? but then again , why our thoughts have not globalised to esteem our teachers. I am an insights of a teacher.Thought do intervene me questioning do we make an attempt to see the halo our teachers carry?



I am an educationalist and believe in knowledge which circulates our life every second.

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