Sexual Education and parent’s back seat…the growing ironic trend.

Sexual education always taken a back seat among the parents. When a teacher can educate, why do our parents of developing nations fail to understand the value of sexual education?Time has wheeled to modernization but only for  the outlook and the way one conducts. We still remain crude with our has manifested to some of the worst hit activity especially  among youth. Those were times when we fear to tread or talk abut sex,now with sweeping changes of urbanization,the package is coated with perks as well as filth.For instance a teenage girl finds it easy to fill the pockets by merely sharing flesh.It might sound crude but  such is gripping  every urban arena.she may not find painful to share a bed for few thousand but on the other hand ironically the same girl would refuse to do manual work in public.I just wonder when teenagers are washing their linen , are we as parents doing enough for our children?where is that pristine and valued existence of  parent.the crux of the matter is why are our parents shying off from their duty?with time, a youth steps onto the bubbly state of experience, it is the parent who should show the path.Sexual education is must as sex nowadays is merely reducing to physical and commercialized lucrative parents lets make an effort to mainstream our youth to a knowledge based society with substance not shallow  that  could be easily engulfed by any whims and fancies of urbanization!



I am an educationalist and believe in knowledge which circulates our life every second.

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