ladies talk please!

Let me lighten you with a light snack of my write up that brings all smiles in me.I am sure everyone of us are aware of ladies talk.This is the forbidden fruit of gossip for all those wonderful ladies in this cosmos.The giggle,laughter and shh……men around beware! Have you ever realized why even the busiest men would  be inclined to see ladies gossiping.What not flavors and spices one could like  to enjoy, is always there in ladies talk.Surprisingly, the magnetic attraction of these spices of life can be savored if ladies are around.,very true is the word that like poles repel.I just love and celebrate being woman and definitely to be a part of ladies talk. At times, I could note a few men being  pretentious before the group yet at the back of the mind definitely he would be longing to be  the part of entertain party. I am not saying men don’t enjoy but none can stand at par with ladies talk.I t simply is glamorous. So guys! if you are part of it, enjoy!



I am an educationalist and believe in knowledge which circulates our life every second.

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