The unsung Hero of Bhutan…

I am sure there are thousands who have left  immortal footprints of their contribution whcn, many a times remains clouded in mists of life. Who doesn’t remember the only hero who travel led east to west and north to south meeting the lowest common peasants , giving hopes to uplift the per capita income of the nation.Such a glory do exists in Bhutan, he is no other but ex Lyonpo sangay Ngedup-the real vitality of farmer. To materialize the vision of Hisa Majesty, if Bhutan  can have such a person of the  highest integrity and caliber, I see our country already flaunting with values and economy. Wherever he stepped in, be it a agriculture sector or health and education,major reforms were seen.When world applauded for such a feat, isn’t it a  need for a call for everyone to recognize and appreciate?

very sadly, gripped with political turmoil, the very essence of his achievement is engulfed and nullified.I really admire his effort to revitalize Bhutan.Let us collectively remember the unsung hero of our nation.



I am an educationalist and believe in knowledge which circulates our life every second.

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