A stealing moment in a staffroom

A stealing moments in a staff-room with colleague is always better than savouring hamburgers and crispy french fries.The flavors and the appetizers click when at times in between the correction, each picks up a topic and goes on length to discuss about it.The talk that cut sharp my attention is solely history for it is not merely the study of past but a lesson to learn.We truly enjoyed every bits of conversation related to history .I derive a sense of satisfaction when   heads of similar ideas click together to bring encapsulate the whole cosmos.

History is always the mirror of the events of the humanity.What surrounds it s subject are human acts and implication.implication one cannot displace events of the past but certainly carries the the sole power to displace time and space.I was then already overwhelmed by the very thought on the miracles of language.The only sound that kept on refrigerating in my mind was WOW!commendable quality of language!

Our globe has seen various phases of history each mirroring the time.so why cant we appreciate and study history to save the world.such is the hold of history,so let’s learn and change our mindset from a boring subject to dynamic one.

Well..isn’t teachers talk qualifying the humaneness!



I am an educationalist and believe in knowledge which circulates our life every second.

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