Virtual Images

God had created this beautiful world for the sentient being,enveloped with pristine,beauty,vitality and many more qualities.And above all is the most soul touching creation that is, human.with the wheel of time,compound changes has overcome this pristine being with fast-moving developement.What remained as pure , clear are now only the virtual image.

The new veil that is worn by the world is a serpent with its venomous fangs ready to pollute the soul.Double standard, double-face are taken as a stepping stone for sucess and our country too is gripped with its scuttling the question still holds on the same ground, where are we?Do we carry the same virtual image of the flawless creation of the god?I feel torn apart only to see the naked world which is flung with evils.

Humans have forgotten who they are.



I am an educationalist and believe in knowledge which circulates our life every second.

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