social tussle!Intrusion of women in male circumference

Much deliberated and researched over is Gender In is very much evident in  any societal phenomenon that woman are always subject to controversy if becomes the oddity of challenging the male power and authority.Woman, whose existence has even been a big question mark even in any religion , how can the taboo as projected come out of this grip.The whole society since inception  circulates with male at the center of all.With few centuries, the voices of women is heard in its periphery. If.If analysed with famous critics point of view, Jacques Derrida too felt the base of structuralism rest on man in the pivot.There were times where many feminist like Elaine Showalter(feminist critics) voiced much ago in this issue.

What is so interesting about is that woen now has slowly started getting into the culture breaking all the circumference of maleness in the society.yet it is skeptical as the very mindset of the soceity seems blur in welcoming woemn to be at par with in men world.It is so much twined that it might take next few more decade even to intrude into the mainstream. What.What is so ironical is that , world wants women to come out yet  are never freed from their primary responsibility of being the caretaker of the house .it is claimed that despite many call for woman still, the response is very poor.This is where the issue lies.woman is given identity, her stand only lately and how can we expect change over night.Now many women are coming forefront but is crippled by the mindset “Frailty, thy name is woman”(William Shakespeare).

while mindset handicaps,women have not failed to walk equally with the man if not run, in the the push and pull tension still rest, what is important here is that we need to encourage  women of the world to make a move …



I am an educationalist and believe in knowledge which circulates our life every second.

2 thoughts on “social tussle!Intrusion of women in male circumference

  1. It is good thought and it should be what you have expressed in deep down line. I totally agree and the change will come as it has begun its race, may be it is at the @get, set, 1,…. 2, 3 is yet come and slowly the pace will be there. The system has to change, it will change. “The Journey started is half completed” and has to to begin.

    Man and woman are the mirror image of mankind when created and it rules created by men that has divided the halves, though it has to be equal. But maybe because of responsibilities and command, woman has lag behind and men felt women’s world is behind the four walls of family.

    The time will change and its change is for better only…. Rome wasn’t built in a day…


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