Unwavering love of the dynasty

Every moments we breathe, every stretch of smile the we flaunt with, every meal of happiness we thrive in our society are truly the unprecedented love of our Drugyal Zhipa- the Fourth king of Bhutan.Word sounds limited to when the heart is full.the person behind the destiny of Bhutan then and now .A king who fought along with the common soldiers in times of political turmoil.Which leader of 21st century has acclaimed such a height of infinite love for the county and its people.The  road that Bhutan has swam through sociall, economically as well as political is defintely credited to such a gallant, farshighed hero.A person who was showered with special international Awards is so humble that he is ready to mingle and join with the commonest people of the world..I know almost allthe bhutanese who took the country ride through thick adn think would defintely tune  with me in this humble line”Kadrenche Mewong Chog”What I am as a  professional is because of the the free education .Every cells in my body utters limitless thanks to His Majesty for giving us free health.When world raced for sociao-economic developent stamping the social happiness, you prioritzed Happisness as the ultimate source of overll developement. Behold!Arent we so proud to tell the whole world that Such pristine and farshgted leader  we have? I am simple dubstruck with his calibre.The birth of Bhutan to the wolrd has a such impeccable impact to the world.I salute thy humble and witty leadership qualities!