A slice of life:youth and emplyment in Bhutan

Don’t be surprise to see Bhutan too gripped with tangled knot of Unemplyment?Many walks with grand proclamation that unemployment will be taken are of?When RCSC claims to lessen the number of civil servants in the government , the other side ie. the private sector still crawls with its policy of quality employee the the upcoming generation is definitely sandwiched with two giants of the country.Now the trend is to earn money either you loot someone or you get looted in your life, definitely the trend is to loot others.The growing number of drug smuggling, burglary, theft, murder as well as smuggling of controlled substance is growing rampant, the only cause of none other than unemployment. The baggage may not have thought of by those concern stakeholders some year ago as well as in current situation.The co-relation of youth and employment is the utter failure of the gov. and the private sector not compounding for the common cause of the society.Well the slice could look beautiful but it depends how beautifully the execution has taken place.
I get alarmed that why the concern stakeholder is limping to overcome, why so hesitant to create employment for the upcoming generation.The very obvious and ironic statement of excuse is “Be an educated farmer”It sound ironic for the education stream and the current issue do not tally.

Each image of the youth prisioned by the controlled substance, the murderess, thieves is the reflection of the society which needs major reform.This social pendelous sight has become increasingly paralysed.lets make a call to those who carries that share of responsbility .


Crippling Teachers

Teachers very dramatically qualified by the countrymen verbally as noble profession remains no noble any more.The primary focus of teaching and learning is deviated beautifully because the expectation of the parental responsibility is capped tot he teachers.The most ironic aspect is that the concern stakeholders accountable expect quality Education without even thinking that the teachers now are made to work like robots started from clerical jobs to the extent of being the baby sitter to many.So where is the focus streamlined, In addition to it, various ways od screwing and squeezing teachers are taken into the consideration on account of teachers work but did anyone though of before pushing so much of works, did they think of providing a comfortable chair and a sound working place? Does anyone bother if that teacher has taken the meal before going to class,school initiated various programme to meet the dead line of the Education policy but which leaders has thought that our teacher need space to work emotionally, socially as well.This sinister approach is simply demotivating teachers Why cant we have the student teacher ratio reduced. Why cant a teacher given another assistant? when are we growing to empower teacher?