The most versatile creation of the god-woman

Much debated and subject to controversy is always a women.But why such debate…women from ie the versatility very existence as daughter has taken the share of grooming the family till a point twists whereby she marries another partner .The journey still continues to bring up a family along with all smiles.Society from its earliest time has its rein centred to man.when a women tries coming closer to shoulder even to the periphery of manly world, it is taken as threat, reducing to pointing fingers at her character, mindset. This the concurrent phenomena where social factors like culture and tradition too leaves no stone unturned to rip the slight effort of women.A very sly question that arises in the society ……”when we give so much of opportunity, why isn’t women coming forward”

Here we are truly forgetting the gravity of the matter.Man has taken the hold since the inception and now with few crumbs of decade in hand ,how can you expect an overnight change.It reminds me of the feminist Elaine sholwalter  when talked about it.The taboo itself is the disease that is rooted in our mindset.Much needs to be done to bring the change and has to evolve.

I truly salute the versatility of womanhood where nests the warmth, vitality and emotion of the mother earth.


Do we see halo in teachers?

Teachers walks and talks of wisdom.Be it of a small country like ours or else of giants.Teachers are all alike.Professionalism and  integrity is what surrounds them.They may be economically downsized as redeemed by their profession yet holds the highest level of wisdom.Lesson plan, easement tools, research and innovation are part and parcel of lice.If god has streamlined our thoughts then it is teachers who groom those positivity of life. But a question do arise in my mind…why pen is loosing its might in this century at par with power of weapon.I simply adore those miracles that teachers perform from the foundation of making students literate to educated. Isn’t that  a miracle? but then again , why our thoughts have not globalised to esteem our teachers. I am an insights of a teacher.Thought do intervene me questioning do we make an attempt to see the halo our teachers carry?

An electronic surge of life-media

Media has taken leaps and bounds in globalisation of thoughts to communicate.What a sweeping wave of change!Spice it up that is what almost everyone follow in life to be more on a thoughtful mode, media has not only enveloped the creeping, racing minds of individual of developed nation but even to a small developing nation like Bhutan.A walk to a roadside gives a glimpse of small hand dangling with  electronic gadgets with all smiles.Is that what we look at? Definitely if that can bring happiness then we are ready for it.I LOVED ITS  Advantage The magic is it has displaced time and place collecting and taking into its arm.Blessed is what I see the world as with media.